• Solidium’s net asset value at the end of the review period amounted to 7,715 million euros. In-vestment yield was 3.8% for the review period and 34.6% for the last 12 months
• Solidium’s profit for the financial year July 1, 2009 – June 30, 2010 amounted to 397.2 million eu-ros
• Solidium acquired a 10.3% stake in Tieto Corporation
• Solidium’s portfolio grew with yet another company, as Kemira Oyj distributed its subsidiary Tik-kurila Oyj’s shares in the form of dividends to Kemira shareholders; Tikkurila Oyj was listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
• Solidium received a total of 330 million euros in cash dividends and capital repayments

Solidium’s Managing Director Kari Järvinen’s comments on the review period:

“Yields turned back to normal levels after the recovery from the financial crisis. Healthy dividends and, in case of some of our holdings, increasing share prices enhanced our yield, even if development of share prices in general was exceptionally volatile. Our portfolio grew with two new companies, and we contributed to board nomination processes. From a shareholder’s perspective, an important development was the decision, taken by many AGMs in spring, to pay the Board of Directors’ remuneration partly in the form of shares.”

The complete half year report can be found here.