Data Controller

Solidium Oy (”Solidium”), Unioninkatu 32 B, 00100 Helsinki, tel. +358 10 830 8900


Contact person: Inka Virtanen, Assistant to the CEO and Chairman


Solidium recognizes the importance of the personal data and properly looks after that the privacy is preserved when processing the personal data. Solidium processes personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable legislation.

Solidium may collect and use personal data for purposes, including, to the development and management of Solidium’s stakeholder relations, the company communications and other purposes required to maintain and develop Solidium’s operations. For this purpose, personal data can be transferred within the EU. Solidium has a legitimate interest to process the personal data. This right to process personal data is based on the cooperation relation with the person and especially related to person’s position or duties in a company connected to Solidium. Solidium may also use third party service providers in the processing of the personal data.

Personal data is collected from the registered him/herself, from public registers and from registers maintained by third parties in accordance with applicable legislation. Personal data collected by Solidium mainly includes the following; name, contact details, position, company details and in some cases the person’s curriculum vitae.

Personal data is processed for the duration of the cooperation relationship or any other necessary time. The need to process personal data is regularly assessed. Solidium complies with applicable legal obligations in the preservation of personal data.

Personal data can be disclosed to the authorities, such as the Financial Supervisory Authority, when required by law.

Rights of the registered

The person registered has the right to know whether his/her personal data is collected and processed at Solidium. In case if the personal data is processed, the person has the right to request for access to such personal data and to know what kind of data has been collected, for what purpose the data has been collected, will data be transferred and how long the data will be stored. The registered person also has the right to request to update or correct the personal data or request Solidium to limit the processing and use of the personal data. In addition, the registered person can at any time cancel his/her consent to obtain messages from Solidium.

Protection of register

Solidium has made sure to secure the personal data collected both technically and organizationally. In order to protect the register, the following means are used among other things; protection of hardware and databases, access control and guidance and control of rights to process data. Solidium requires third party service providers processing the personal data to have adequate data protection policies and practices in place.

Supervisory Authority

Should the person registered consider that the processing of his/her personal data is not legal, he/she has the right to file a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority. The supervisory authority in Finland is the Data Protection Ombudsman (