Solidium has three extensive stakeholder entities: the investment environment, the State owner environment and the social environment. Solidium’s personnel and Board of Directors comprise the fourth stakeholder. In Solidium’s daily work, the most active interaction takes place with the portfolio companies.

Stakeholder expectations towards Solidium and its corporate responsibility work may vary widely. This was characteristic to the early stages of Solidium’s operations, in particular, as Solidium was a new operator in the Finnish shareholder arena and the owner perspective to corporate responsibility was a new theme in the corporate responsibility discussion. Later on, as Solidium became better known, stakeholder expectations of its corporate responsibility work became more specific and organised.

Solidium’s mission includes listening to the views of different stakeholders and engaging in active dialogue. Solidium conducts active dialogue with different stakeholders and seeks feedback in connection with the updates to corporate responsibility programmes, in particular. The feedback helps Solidium clarify the focus of Solidium’s own stakeholder engagement and the steering of the expectations targeting corporate responsibility work.

Solidium's stakeholders

Stakeholders in the investment environment

“Growing and securing shareholder value as a responsible owner”


State owner's stakeholders

“A result which is socially and financially sustainable”


Social stakeholders

“Transparency, pioneering operations and promoting responsible ownership as a role model”


Personnel and Board of Directors as internal stakeholders

Corporate responsibility involves Solidium as a whole”


Corporate responsibility work as a prerequisite for financial success

Solidium conducts its corporate responsibility work from the perspective of the special mission set by its owner: growing the long-term financial value of the corporate holdings. Solidium’s goal is to grow the financial value of our investment portfolio over the long term with the starting point that managing corporate responsibility matters is one of the prerequisites for financial success in both the portfolio companies and Solidium. This perspective also guides Solidium’s stakeholder engagement.

In stakeholder engagement, Solidium’s own proactive approach focuses on Solidium’s key stakeholders – the portfolio companies, in particular. Solidium strives to identify the key new themes concerning corporate responsibility that arise from its stakeholder environment and take them into consideration in its operations.

In its corporate responsibility work, Solidium takes into consideration the State owner’s policies concerning corporate responsibility and the expectations arising from its stakeholder environment.

Solidium is a member of the FINSIF, FiBS and DiF associations. The steps of Solidium’s stakeholder engagement and the results of reports compiled on stakeholder expectations are described in greater detail in the corporate responsibility section of Solidium’s annual reports.