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Solidium Oy:s January-June 2010 half year report


• Solidium's net asset value at the end of the review period amounted to 7,715 million euros. In-vestment yield was 3.8% for the review period and 34.6% for the last 12 months• Solidium's profit for the financial year July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010 amounted to 397.2 million eu-ros• Solidium acquired a 10.3% stake in Tieto Corporation• Solidium's portfolio grew with yet another company, as Kemira Oyj distributed its subsidiary Tik-kurila Oyj's shares in the form of divid... Read more

Solidium now holds more than 10 per cent of Tieto Corporation


Solidium Oy has increased its holding in Tieto Corporation to 10.0 per cent of the shares and is now the largest owner in Tieto. Tieto is among the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and the global leader in selected segments. Read more

Solidium invests in Tieto Corporation


Solidium now holds 5.0 per cent of the shares Solidium Oy has acquired 5.0 per cent of the shares in Tieto Corporation for approximately EUR 58 million. Tieto is among the leading IT service companies in Northern Europe and the global leader in selected segments. Solidium is now the third largest owner in Tieto. Read more

Tikkurila becomes Solidium's tenth portfolio company


Tikkurila Oyj becomes Solidium Oy's tenth holding as Tikkurila is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. With its 14.68% share, Solidium becomes Tikkurila's second largest shareholder. The company's other main shareholders are Oras Invest Oy (14.70%), Kemira Oyj (14.00%), Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company (8.61%) and Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company (5.19%). Read more

Solidium Oy:s July-December 2009 half year report


• Solidium's investments amounted to 7,965 million euros at the end of the period. Investment yield was 29.7 % for the half year report period, and 48.8 % for the full year 2009• Solidium used its full subscription entitlement in Kemira's 200 million euro share issue• Extraordinary capital repayment of 6.7 million euros from Elisa • Capital repayment of 19.4 million euros from Stora Enso• Solidium signed a 300 million euro revolving credit facility agreement Read more

Solidium subscribed for new Kemira shares with € 34,6 million in the rights issue of Kemira Oyj


Solidium's ownership in Kemira Oyj now 16,67 % The €200 million rights issue of Kemira Oyj has been fully subscribed. Solidium subscribed for 5 239 587 new shares in the rights issue with in aggregate of € 34 581 274. Read more

Combination between Metso Corporation and Tamfelt Corp. will be completed


Solidium's ownership in Metso Corporation now 10,4 % Metso Corporation (Metso) has announced today that 98 % of Tamfelt Corp.'s (Tamfelt) shareholders have accepted the exchange offer by Metso and the combination of Metso and Tamfelt will be completed. Read more

Solidium has entered into a €300 million revolving credit facility


Solidium Oy has on 30 November 2009 entered into a €300 million unsecured revolving credit facility agreement. The facility is a committed credit line for general corporate purposes and is a back-up facility for the commercial paper programme. The facility is a 1-year arrangement with a 1-year extension option subject to agreements between the parties. The size of Solidium's commercial paper programme has at the same time been increased from €100 million to €300 million. The programme permits th... Read more

Resolutions of Solidium Oy's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders


The Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders of Solidium Oy was held in Helsinki on 30 October 2009. The meeting adopted the financial statements for the financial period 1 May 2009 to 30 June 2009 and discharged the Board of Directors and the CEO from liability. The Annual General Meeting resolved based on the proposal of the Board of Directors that no dividend shall be paid from the financial period. Read more

Solidium to participate in the €200 million rights issue of Kemira Oyj


Solidium to subscribe its pro rata entitlement and to participate in the underwriting arrangement Solidium Oy has decided to participate in the €200 million rights issue announced today by Kemira Oyj. In conjunction with the issue, the four biggest shareholders of Kemira have committed to subscribe for new shares for approximately €146 million. Solidium has committed to subscribe for Kemira’s new shares for its pro rata entitlement, corresponding to approximately €33 million. Furthermore, Solid... Read more

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