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GRI (4.0) Index

The objective of Solidium’s corporate responsibility reporting is to describe the importance and realisation of responsible ownership and corporate responsibility in our operations, our accomplishments during the past financial year, and the goals for the upcoming financial year. Solidium’s corporate responsibility report is intended for use of all its stakeholders.

We have included corporate responsibility and responsible ownership reporting in our Annual Reports since the 2009–2010 financial year. We have applied the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) model five times in our reporting, including the Annual Report for the financial year 2015–2016. In 2011–2014, we applied the GRI (3.0) Guidelines (Level C) in our reporting. In the previous financial year 2014–2015, Solidium transitioned to the Global Reporting Initiative GRI (4.0) framework in responsibility reporting, and the reporting from the financial year 2015–2016 has been conducted applying these guidelines. This Annual Report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines at Core level. In addition to the GRI aspects, the report also highlights responsibility aspects essential to Solidium and particularly regarding its ownership role. Our Annual Report is also based on guidelines in the Government resolution on State-ownership policy, 13 May 2016.

In order to define the content of the current GRI (4.0) report and to determine, prioritise and validate the relevant aspects, we have identified the material corporate responsibility matters in our operations and within our sphere of influence. This work is based on the reports related to the preparation of Solidium's long-term corporate responsibility programme as well as the continuous corporate responsibility monitoring in relation to the owner's duty to stay informed. Solidium has assessed the importance of corporate responsibility aspects in its operations in accordance with the materiality process defined in the GRI guidelines. The company has assessed and prioritised the identified aspects internally, taking into consideration the corporate responsibility concerns identified through stakeholder engagement.

As a result of the materiality analysis, we have defined eleven aspects from the GRI (4.0) guidelines as material for Solidium:

  • Economic responsibility: economic performance, market presence, and indirect economic impacts.
  • Labour practices and decent work: employment, occupational health and safety, training and education, diversity and equal opportunity as well as equal remuneration for women and men.
  • Sector-specific aspects in the financial sector: product portfolio, auditing and ownership.

Solidium’s corporate responsibility reporting focuses on describing the impacts of Solidium Oy’s own operations. Solidium Oy's financial statements and corporate responsibility report have the same boundary. The reporting period is the financial year, and this Annual Report covers information from the reporting period of 1 July 2015–30 June 2016. The key figures and indicators of Solidium’s corporate responsibility report concern Solidium’s own operations. All of Solidium’s holdings are minority holdings, and the report does not include the companies’ consolidated figures.

This GRI (4.0) Index is part of Solidium's 2016 Annual Report.