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Activities as an owner

The purpose of Solidium’s operations is to promote the development and growth of its portfolio companies by means of active ownership with the objective to outperform the peer companies. As an active owner, Solidium supports and challenges the boards of directors and management of its portfolio companies and expects continuous development and profits. Solidium engages in an active dialogue with the management of its portfolio companies. The situation and outlook of each company are reviewed and Solidium’s view and objectives concerning the company's development are communicated in meetings with management.

The board elections in Solidium’s portfolio companies are among Solidium’s most important influencing channels. Solidium’s influence in board elections is realised in its nomination board work, and the company participates in the election of new board members in cooperation with other major shareholders who are members of the relevant nomination board.  Solidium systematically analyses the board compositions of its portfolio companies and the operations of the boards and pursues establishing boards of directors which are optimal in terms of shareholder value creation and meet the needs of the company in question.

In accordance with its updated strategy, Solidium has a more active role as an owner. The long-term objective is for Solidium to have a representative in the board of each portfolio company.