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Solidium as an owner

Solidium is a minority shareholder in nationally important listed companies. Solidium’s mission is to strengthen and stabilise Finnish ownership and to increase the financial value of its holdings in the long run.

The State of Finland continues to have a strong position as an owner of Finnish listed companies. The organisation of the governance of the State’s listed holdings as well as their objectives and transparency have a considerable impact on the functioning of the Finnish capital markets. Solidium’s holdings are not considered strategic by the State, and the divestment of holdings does not require a decision by the Parliament.

The framework for Solidium’s operations and independent decision-making is defined in the detailed mandate prepared by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Policy defined Solidium’s new mandate on 15 September 2016. In accordance with the mandate, Solidium is a Finnish anchor owner, which has a national interest in its operations. Solidium has both the right and the obligation to develop its holdings. Solidium’s operations are market-based, and investment decisions are only made when financial prerequisites are met.