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Solidium in a nutshell


Solidium's mission is to strengthen and stabilise Finnish ownership in nationally important companies and to increase the value of its holdings in the long run


To be an owner whose professionalism, governance practices and value creation skills are generally recognized

  1. Professionalism
  2. Integrity and transparency
  3. Accountability
  4. Proactivity
  1. To increase the value of its holdings cost-efficiently in the long term
  2. In co-operation with other large shareholders, to develop the portfolio companies and work for improving portfolio companies' profitability in order to increase the value of the holdings, i.a. supporting growth initiatives
  3. To participate actively in the development of responsible ownership, good corporate governance practices and capital markets in Finland
  1. Be an owner with sufficient influence to develop and execute value creation plans
  2. Focusing on a limited number of portfolio companies
  3. The allocation of the portfolio will be developed in accordance with Solidium's mission, taking market conditions into consideration
  1. Nationally important listed companies and companies in important industries preparing for a listing
  2. Significant minority ownership to secure sufficient influence
  3. Value creation potential through active ownership
  4. Long investment horizon